Saturday, February 28, 2009

so when you look this out of it

and you go to see shitty sculpture shows in chealsea

and to crazy ass neon filled galleries where the artists wear neon suits

you may or may not find yourself eating bacon carrots.

Or perhaps making sock monkeys is more your style.

did i mention...fabulous arm bending pocket wearing

monocle OWNING monkies!??!

who are friends with other monkies

that love to hug

hold hands

and well..just be darn cute.

then stiff shirts may start to fly.

and things might just get a little out of hand.



ho snaps! central park time?

cuz we be drinkin pellegrino

rockin dem gold rangs

checkin it out

on the prowl

keepin it thug

checkin the view

when suddenly there appeared a roller party!?!

oh. you bettcha

it was outta here.